Reading progress update: I've read 222 out of 317 pages.

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

Well this has been a wild ride. This is another book club book and we picked it (rather mistakenly, we discovered, thus proving none of us had any idea what this novel is actually about before reading it???) as our classic romance for the 2015 challenge. We have quickly discovered it is not a romance.


Honestly I'm, well, enjoying is not quite the right word. I'm glad I'm reading this novel. I'll say that. It's beautifully written (even though vexing at times with all the other languages thrown in) and it's really fascinating. But it's also one of the saddest most heart wrenching novels I've ever read in my life. (For section by section views on this matter, feel free to read my posts on my book club blog. Ranting and crying were both happening.)


But I definitely see why it's a classic. And why it's a novel that needed to be written and needs to be read. And I'm even almost done.


All I can say is it's been a wild ride.