Reading progress update: I've read 86 out of 275 pages.

Beloved - Toni Morrison

So I originally started reading this back in October and really struggled through it. I think I only made it 40 or so pages in?? But I eventually decided that I was just way too busy and that's probably what the problem was. I was getting lost and not really picking up details (and I was so exhausted all the time I would also fall asleep while reading. oops.) and just generally not enjoying it. Not like I thought I should've been, at least.


Now that I'm no longer busy and have free time, I've returned to this one and it's going much better now!!! I'm honestly quite enjoying it. It's a beautiful (and terribly heartbreaking) story and I'm honestly so excited to see where it will lead.


Oh and this is another pick for the 2015 challenge. It's my pick for an author who shares my initials. And since Beloved is featured in 501 Must Read Books, that's why I'm particularly determined to read it, haha.