Reading progress update: I've read 249 out of 1024 pages.

Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

So I read the first 100 pages of this book almost three years ago and am only *just now* getting back to it. To which I say: oops.


I've tried reading this several times and haven't really had a lot of luck with it. But I seem to be doing better this time (maybe I've finally read enough classics that I'm starting to actually get the hang of reading them *crosses fingers*) so hopefully this will be the time I actually finish??


The problem is that I just do not get along with Scarlett O'Hara??? And I can only handle her in short bursts?? I quite love Rhett thus far though and he's starting to appear more so maybe if I can just hang on I'll start liking this one more and actually finish it??


I sure hope so since I'm catching up on book club books right now and this one has been on my 'in progress list' the longest. I'm ready to finish it so, if nothing else, I can finally remove it from the list. *crosses fingers, toes and everything else that I finish it this time around*