Matthew FitzSimmons's The Short Drop

The Short Drop - Matthew FitzSimmons

A decade ago, fourteen-year-old Suzanne Lombard, the daughter of Benjamin Lombard—then a senator, now a powerful vice president running for the presidency—disappeared in the most sensational missing-person case in the nation’s history. Still unsolved, the mystery remains a national obsession.


For legendary hacker and marine Gibson Vaughn, the case is personal—Suzanne Lombard had been like a sister to him. On the tenth anniversary of her disappearance, the former head of Benjamin Lombard’s security asks for Gibson’s help in a covert investigation of the case, with new evidence in hand.


Haunted by tragic memories, he jumps at the chance to uncover what happened all those years ago. Using his military and technical prowess, he soon discovers multiple conspiracies surrounding the Lombard family—and he encounters powerful, ruthless political players who will do anything to silence him and his team. With new information surfacing that could threaten Lombard’s bid for the presidency, Gibson must stay one step ahead as he navigates a dangerous web to get to the truth. [ synopsis from goodreads ]



Mmm I really enjoyed this book. A couple of months ago I was having my usual struggle trying to find something good to read for my monthly free kindle borrow. So I perused a bunch of lists and this one kept coming up on them. The premise sounded AMAZING so I decided to give it a try.

And wow. I'm so glad I did.

It's not at all what I was expecting. The premise makes it sound like it's entirely Suzanne's story and that we'll be spending much of our time burrowed in the mystery of what happened to her. But that's honestly not the case. While Suzanne is the underlying reason behind everything that is happening, it's more about what has happened to those left behind and how her ten year disappearance has led to the changed lives of everyone she knew.

It was honestly a really wonderful mystery as well. It was possible to guess everything by the end, before it happened. But it's wasn't like the popular mysteries of the day where everything is pretty much obvious from page one. (If you're wondering which book I'm talking about, specifically, please see what is probably the only book I have ever given one star.) Anyway, this book was a mystery that was built in layers. And it still had the power to shock. I enjoyed that immensely.

This book also had really wonderful characters. And Suzanne herself was even wonderful. The picture that was painted of her by others made the reader so grounded in her story that you, too, felt as though you had lost someone and wanted to do everything in your power to get her back-- or, at least, find out what had happened to her.

This book definitely didn't end the way I thought it would when I was going in. But that wasn't a bad thing. I really loved the story I told and I enjoyed it tremendously. And I think I saw it's going to have a sequel? Well, I will definitely be reading it!

Oh, also, this book is BEAUTIFULLY written and there are some truly amazing passages. I found myself highlighting all over the place. (There's even a really hilarious reference to the Godfather Part II that I'm, frankly, still laughing about. It was THE BEST.)

Anyway, if you're looking for a good mystery, look no further! I would highly recommend this one!!


review originally posted on goodreads